Instagram account on Palermo to follow before visiting the city

Palermo is a melting pot of different cultures. Not just nowadays, but fundamentally forever. The Arabs, the Greeks, the Romans and the Normans, the Spaniards have left architectural, cultural and culinary influences.

With all this being a breathtaking scenery, Palermo is an ideal place to visit whether for a weekend or for a longer holiday. But before starting your search on where to go and what to do in Palermo I suggest you follow the following Instagram accounts to get an idea of life in Palermo and the culinary scenario.

First Greek and Roman city, then Arab capital, later conquered by Normans and Swabians, this is Palermo, a place where the Arabesque and Norman preciousness coexist, the Baroque and Art Nouveau taste of monuments, palaces and theaters, but also of gardens and of the markets.

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account instagram su palermo

Official Instagram account of Sicily @ig_visitsicily
The official Instagram account of Sicily.

pagina instagram @ig_visitsicily

Account Instagram of Palermo Food @palermofoodlove
If you are hungry, here you find inspiration for delicious dishes and snacks to try.

Account Instagram of Palermo @igersPalermo
IgersPalermo presents the beautiful photos of Palermo, make sure to use the hashtag also in your posts.

Account Instagram of Palermo @passami_u_coppu
A modern version of Sicilian street food and traditional pastry.

Account Instagram on Sicily @_discoveringsicily_
The beauty of Sicily on display in the most beautiful photos.

Account Instagram su Palermo

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