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Palermo is the undisputed pearl of Sicily, and not many reasons are needed to convince yourself to visit it. What see? The choice of interesting attractions is very rich. Why go? The reasons are endless ... What to do in the evening? Palermo has a night life that has nothing to envy to that of other centers better known for nightlife lovers. The cities of Sicily are all wonderful, from Syracuse to Catania, but Palermo ... it's Palermo!

The feast of Saint Rosalia

MAGIC NIGHT OF FOLKLORE AND TRADITIONS THE FEAST OF SAINT ROSALIA – U’ FISTINU – that’s what the Palermo people call it.!! The Feast of Santa Rosalia, Patroness of the City of Palermo. The night between 14 and 15 July, a … Read More

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Radio Italia Live il Concerto Palermo

Radio Italia Live-Palermo

Concerto Radio Italia Live   Here again Palermo protagonist of a fantastic event. Saturday, June 29, in fact, the Radio Italia Live-Palermo concert returns, the free concert signed by Radio Italia which, for the second time, chooses Palermo with its … Read More

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Instagram account on Palermo to follow before visiting the city

Palermo is a melting pot of different cultures. Not just nowadays, but fundamentally forever. The Arabs, the Greeks, the Romans and the Normans, the Spaniards have left architectural, cultural and culinary influences. With all this being a breathtaking scenery, Palermo … Read More

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bb porto p

Palermo Harbor

Origins of the of Palermo harbor The origins of the port of Palermo overlap with those of the city, because it was precisely the port that was the central fulcrum of the city’s development. The Phoenician navigators, who founded it, … Read More

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